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Baseball & Softball

2020 Spring Baseball, Softball & T-Ball Registration is underway!!

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Fall Baseball Schedules are attached

Please note that all practice & game times are subject to change. Please communicate with your coach to confirm times. 



Oceanway Sports Cal Ripken offers the following divisions of play to ensure kids are learning the game in age appropriate steps.


Co-ed T-Ball: (Ages 3-5)*

Our T-Ball division is a co-ed program that encourages kids to have fun while learning the simple fundamentals of the game. Coaches keep practices and games fast moving and fun so that all kids are participating. Games are typically played on Saturday mornings with one mid-week practice night setup by the team Manager.

* 3-year-olds must turn 4 in the months of May, June, July, and August of current year to be elgible.

Rookie: (Ages 6-8)

Our Rookie baseball division takes the game to a new level with the introduction of live pitching from a pitching machine or a coach. At this level the kids begin to learn specific  positions in the field and play a more of a simulated game with a 5-run or 3-out rule.  Games are played both on mid-week nights and some Saturday games. Practices are setup by the Team Manager and are encouraged all season long. (Note: 8-year olds can begin to learn how to pitch in this division)  Includes post-season tournament competition.

Minors: (Ages 9-10)

The Minors division offers a fun and exciting experience with the addition of kids pitching and the use of a catcher. Games are 6 innings with the addition of umpires. Managers and coaches follow specific pitching guidelines to protect our young arms. Games are played on mid-week nights with some Saturday games. We also introduce inter-league play at this level with our neighboring Cal Ripken leagues.  Includes post-season tournament competition leading to the 10 Year-Old World Series.

Majors: (Ages 11-12)

Our Majors Baseball division brings the game to life on a 50/70 field and with the introduction to leading and stealing. Managers and coaches teach the traditional rules of baseball and the emphasis on pitching and catching becomes even more important. Games are 6 innings with the use of certified umpires. Games are played on mid-week nights as well as some Saturday games. We also inter-league play with neighboring Cal Ripken leagues.  Includes a tournament trail from District competition through the World Series featuring 8 International Champions. 



6 & Under: (Ages 5-6)

Our 6U Softball division introduces softball for the first time and is designed to be instructional and fun.  Coach pitch is used to build confidence and to ensure players achieve the best chance of success.  Coaches stay on the field during the game to continue to offer instruction as the game is played.  Practices are one night during the week and are set up by the team Managers.  Games will be played Saturdays.

8 & Under: (Ages 7-8)

Our 8U Softball division continues the introduction of softball and builds upon the skills learned during 6U.  Machine pitch (5 total pitches) is used to keep the game moving to ensure active participation by all players.  Rules of the game are introduced allowing for a better fundamental understanding of the game.  Practices are one night during the week and are set up by the team Managers.  Games will be played Saturdays.

10 & Under: (Ages 9-10)

Our 10U division inspires each girl’s confidence through attentive instruction not only in practice but in the games as well.  Girls will learn how to pitch, play several positions in the field, and are introduced to stealing bases.  Games are six innings and include the use of an umpire.  Practices are one night during the week and games will be played Saturdays.

12 & Under: (Ages 11-12)

Our 12U Softball division offers more advanced instruction and more competitive play. This is a kid pitch division with stealing and passed balls. Coaches are highly experienced and driven to take each player’s game to the next level.  Games are six innings with the use of a certified umpire.  Practices will be held one night during the week while games will be played Saturdays.

14 & Under: (Ages 13-14)

Our 14U Softball division is a fast pitch softball program for girls ages 13 – 14. Play is challenging, yet very rewarding.  The goal is to prepare players to play high school softball with the pitching distance set at 43 feet.  Players at this level should be well rounded and will be given the opportunity to fine tune technical skills and move toward more tactical play.  Practices will be held one night during the week while games will be played Saturdays.